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Pictures Below Show Doors & Windows

All Models feature 1=Double door with one or two windows depending on the model.

Mini Barn - 1=Double Door - 1=Window 18X27 Single Hung - all other models 2=18X27 Single Hung.
Some lines offer larger windows as standard features - the one set of doors standard size is half the width of the shed - stay the same. More doors and windows can always be added at a optional cost.

  • Construction:

* Structures built with old fashioned quality to solve today`s storage problems at a modest cost.

* Standard wood frame construction on pressure treated skids placed on your prepared site.

* Standard wood framing techniques and materials used, scaled to the standard shed dimensions.

*Two 4X4 pressure treated runners form the foundation on 6' and 8' wide sheds, and extra 4X4 is available in the center for only $10.00 more. Five 4X4 skids form the foundation for 10' - 14' wide sheds. Floor joists are the standard 2X4 spaced 16" on center with 5/8 plywood comprising the floor. Framing the sidewalls are 2X4 studs and the 2X4 is also used on the roof rafters, spaced at 16" on center.

Roof rafters are designed to give maximum headroom over the floor area. 
The roof consists of OSB Sheathing, covered with standard weight asphalt shingles. 1/2" textured Duratemp plywood covers the exterior walls. Door openings are framed, and the double swinging doors are reinforced. 6' and 8' wide barns have a full 47" opening with 5'8" height, 10' wides have a full 60" opening by 6' height, and 12' & 14 wides have a full 72" opening by 6' height.

Sheds are delivered to your prepared site fully assembled, painted, with shingles already on. 
A Prefab is only when you do not have access to place your shed on site. 
Built on site (Prefab) is 30 percent more, that price is figured on the wood
model price, not Vinyl Siding pricing.

    Email us jeff@aliohomeimprovements.com. and we will deliver your order in aprox. 3 weeks. In a hurry just give us a call!

    Basic Line Interior Picture
    All sizes built with 2X4 - 16" OC
    Double 2X4 Top Plates on all 12 Wides -
    10 Wides 16' on up

    All Models come with 2=18X27 Single Hung Windows
    Mini Barn Model Standard with 1 - Window - Larger Windows Available

    Standard Door Construction
    1 - Double Door
    Vinyl Siding has Metal Trim
    For no Maintenance

    Also Available in Optional Steel
    Solid Slab Doors or w/Glass Shown Below
    Only Certain Colors Available

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